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  •    We love this place! Home town feel, down to earth people, and good comfort food served well, in a great... read more

    Brad Cook 9/19/2017

       It's a fun old-fashioned diner. Staff was very nice and the food was delicious!! The Marilyn Monroe sandwich is good!... read more

    MiQuesaRia 9/16/2017

       Always very good service great variety of food. We love coming here.

    Rob Soto 9/13/2017

       We had a wonderful experience for my son's birthday. Food was yummy and the root beer float was amazing! Our... read more

    Victoria F. 9/10/2017

       Love this place, great burgers, onion rings, salads and shakes. They always have great service, I Try to eat here... read more

    D.j. S. 9/07/2017

       What a cool, old school diner. They have the old school chairs, soda fountain,  and jukebox, along with an Elvis... read more

    Sean B. 8/27/2017

       The food was awesome & we had great customer service. They have awesome scenery that gives you a short history... read more

    Darion D. 8/27/2017

       Great food. Service at lunch a little slow. The food hamburger melt, chicken fried steak very good. Don't care... read more

    James Svoboda 8/15/2017

       Great soda fountain, burger joint. Continuing the "Good old days tradition". Good and desserts are very good! Service is good... read more

    Ben Scratchin 8/08/2017

       First time here got sat with Cami shes great nice person recommend me the John Lennon grilled cheese and it... read more

    ALFREDO CRUZ 8/04/2017

       Great friendly service and the chili hamburger was very tasty! A little steep on the prices but overall it's... read more

    jaywalking17 8/03/2017

       I was amazed with how clean is it service was amazing  ,I got the best milk shake I ever had... read more

    Oscar H. 7/29/2017

       Good food! Great customer service and atmosphere! Old fashioned soda shop!!

    Donna Greer 7/28/2017

       I love this place! 💖 Today was my first time here and it was awesome! I really like the food... read more

    Milagros C 7/28/2017

       It has the decor of an old time diner but the restaurant portion of this establishment is only a few... read more

    Sean L. 7/28/2017

       Nostalgic soda fountain/diner in downtown Irving. Good food, old fashion sodas. Excellent patty melt on rye (swiss cheese, grilled... read more

    Thom Robinson 6/18/2017
  •    Best fries and cheese fries I've had in years. Adorable old school atmosphere in historic irving.

    Lana Schommer 6/17/2017

       My favorite burger place. The service can be slow at times, but the wait is always worth it. Their grilled... read more

    Oscar Hernandez 6/14/2017

       It was worth the stop for the vintage flair. Food was ok, service was excellent.

    Eric K 6/08/2017

       thursday burger is awesome, and the fries are impeccable.

    Manuel F. Rocha 6/08/2017

       Love Big State! If you want a great hamburger try the one with blue cheese & bacon. Delish! Everyone is... read more

    Norweita Beth 6/08/2017

       This old fountain has excellent food, both for breakfast and dinners. You can't beat the atmosphere, history, and cool little... read more

    Christopher Nelson 6/06/2017

       The home style food was amazing! Romney was our server, and she was very nice and attentive. We will definitely... read more

    Diana M. 6/06/2017

       Great staff, nice throw back atmosphere. Wonderful food.

    Shawn Day 6/05/2017

       The food and service are great and like all the old memorabilia inside.. I still miss it when it was... read more

    Chris Strickland 6/05/2017

       Amazing food everytime I go! Staff is always amazing too!

    Anna Espinoza 6/03/2017

       Great nostalgic feel of a mom and pop diner. Have a cute little shop with candies, gifts inside the restaurant.... read more

    Carryl O. 6/03/2017

       The food & shakes were awesome. Our first time visiting

    Gina Renee Simmons 6/02/2017

       Great burgers and a milkshake is a must!  The kids like to make me feel old here but it brings... read more

    Brenda W. 6/02/2017

       We drove from Denison, Tx and had Ma's Famous Grilled Bologna sandwich ... it was yummy! Such a very cool... read more

    Christi Campbell Williams 5/29/2017

       This place is fabulous and the music was fantastic! You get to pick your own music.

    Vivian Herrera 5/21/2017

       This place is really neat, old style Drugstore with grill & soda fountain! Same as it was back in the... read more

    Everette Eugene Hoskins 5/21/2017
  •    My husband ordered the chilli dog and I had the patty melt. Which came to around ten dollars but when... read more

    Sandra Hancock 5/19/2017

       The food, service & atmoshere were great. Love that a landmark was saved & repurposed. Thanks to the owners!

    Tonya Garces 5/18/2017

       My mother, sister and myself were so excited to eat lunch at Big State. We were not impressed! The atmosphere... read more

    Sherry Carender Chasteen 5/17/2017

       Their Blue Bell choc shakes are to die for !!! Yummy! Whip cream and cherry !

    Henrietta Gamez 5/16/2017

       I love this place. I normally just call in and pick up. They're quick and always friendly. Good hometown burgers... read more

    Lena Lee 5/16/2017

       Service was "meh", the food was good (but not great), but the decor and atmosphere were excellent; Rick Fairless and... read more

    Danny Pitt 5/15/2017

       Well done place with great food and impeccable service.

    Tony Rey 5/15/2017

       Tried it for the first time yesterday and loved it .. my parents are regulars and everyone was so friendly... read more

    Yolanda Vela 5/15/2017

       Charming place. Definitely has that 50's diner feel that I was hoping for an expected!

    Teresa Brown Dunn 5/15/2017

       Big State Fountain Grill has the best onion rings around....Not to mention Elvis Presley.

    Barb White 5/07/2017

       Our first time and I must say, I was impressed! It was so awesome and made me feel like I... read more

    Sherri Cansler 5/07/2017

       Good food with friendly atmosphere. Been there several times. Chelsea is extremely cordial

    Michael Moore 5/07/2017

       Good food, Good folks, Love Big State! Rick and family run a good business.

    Jennifer Wicker Moore 5/07/2017

       It was great. Went with my family we are covered in tatts and they treated us well..

    Geovani Perez 4/26/2017

       Very friendly and satisfying. I had the best Patty Melt and German chocolates cake of my life.

    Jose Bosquez 4/25/2017

       Very good food, very good wait people. Would recommend.

    Mary Lynn Wirick 4/21/2017
  •    Love this place. Had a great burger and onion rings today. And so many cool gifts!

    Carolyn Miller 4/14/2017

       Love the atmosphere food is scrumptious.... only bad is an old guy keeps blowing his nose loudly and hacking (ate... read more

    Lolly Alexander 4/14/2017

       Great atmosphere! Great food! Great service! There's a Pokémon gym too! Lol
    They have vintage items as well.

    Angela Wd 4/13/2017

       It has been a great experience to visit the Big State Fountain Grill. For years we dined, laughed and talked... read more

    Donna Hansen Love 4/13/2017

       The food was great and Kara, our waitress, was excellent!

    Tammy Rhoden 4/09/2017

       The burger was delicious! I would recommend this establishment to others

    Shantel King 4/08/2017

       Great food. . Great malts and milk shakes good costumers service

    B Alejandra Mendez Lopez 4/08/2017

       Great place! Wonderful staff and good food! Visit if you get the chance!!

    Karen Arndt 4/07/2017

       Food and customer service was amazing.. was worth the trip from Australia 🇦🇺 to experience true American style dinning... #YSBH #DTL

    Paul N Ronnie Wilford 4/07/2017

       This place may look like a little hole in the wall but the atmosphere was awesome and the food tasted... read more

    Carol Browning 4/06/2017

       I love this place. It has one of the best root beer floats and milk shakes that I've ever had.... read more

    Ky Rivera 4/05/2017

       Everywhere you go, you get pre-cooked food; however Big State Fountain has fresh food and real fries. I enjoyed the... read more

    Guadalupe Barajas 4/03/2017

       One of the only two original soda fountain grills still operating in Dallas County, serving grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers... read more

    Catherine Cuellar 4/01/2017

       Thank you for providing the perfect venue for my son's 8th birthday party. The service was very good considering such... read more

    Karalyn Taylor 3/27/2017

       Love Big State Fountain Grill! Great food; atmosphere and shopping.

    Mary Ann Kellam 3/25/2017

       The food and service was awesome! Can't wait to go back again!

    Michael Cabrera 3/24/2017
  •    Had an amazing burger and shake! Can't wait to go back again!! Do you still have the old cars on... read more

    Michael N Jenn Spence 3/18/2017

       Muy rico , mis niños les encanto ,! . Un ambiente muy cómodo !

    Dayanara Caprile 3/17/2017

       Waitress was very busy but we loved the food and old photos.

    Yvonne Hernandez Morrow 3/13/2017

       The food was great! The staff was very friendly! Neat place!

    Leah Lindsey Jackson 3/12/2017

       Excellent atmosphere !!! Old school, drug store ice cream parlor type restaurant !!! Candy store and old school memorabilia !!!... read more

    Steven Miller 3/12/2017

       Everything about Big State Fountain Grill is so cool it's like stepping back in time and you are at your... read more

    Jimmy Lee Owen 3/06/2017

       Always a great experience! Very friendly and always helpful! Some unique shopping items too!

    Keri Johnson 3/04/2017

       A great place to get an old style chocolate malt. Made, of course, with Blue Bell I've cream using the... read more

    Bill Matthews 3/01/2017

       Very good food! I just love the place. You have to check it out for your self. Real butter Texas... read more

    David Witt 2/25/2017

       one of my favorite irving spots. the staff is so friendly  and the food is wonderful!

    Bobbie K. 2/23/2017

       Great fun place. Service was wonderful. I could spend all day reading the history on the walls.

    David Ratz 2/20/2017

       Id go again..even sells beer..and does breakfast..wikl go back

    Darren Gresty 2/19/2017

       Las mejores hamburguesas de Irving , vengo de visita de Monterrey , Mexico y fue un placer visitar este legendario lugar ! ! !

    Antonio Navarro 2/18/2017

       When you walk in, the place is very endearing, like a 50s movie diner with a store on the side.... read more

    Ana B. 2/12/2017

       Great place to relax with good food. The Philly was great.

    Rich Johnson 2/11/2017

       We have spent several birthdays and special occasions here.
    Good is great and staff are warm and friendly.

    Diane Shepard Tribou 2/10/2017
  •    The cheese fries are awesome...Lots of cheese, real bacon and jalepenos. Had the Chicken Fried Steak sandwich....Amazing.

    Brenda Marshall Pennington 2/05/2017

       Our church men's group meets here 3 Saturdays a month. The food and service are well above normal. The employees... read more

    Nicholas Heit 1/29/2017

       Had Dinner with my son there yesterday had the Chicken Fried Steak is was the Best I've had.

    Christina Garza 1/28/2017

       I really enjoyed my dining experience at this restaurant

    Trent Bridgeman 1/20/2017

       Have been there several times, the staff and food has always been great! Took members of Dallas "Road Dawg's" 🏍... read more

    Clifton Howard 1/16/2017

       My children and I felt right at home with a freindly staff amazing food and candy I have not seen... read more

    Brad Ford 1/14/2017

       I loved this place. As an archaeologist, the historic photos on the wall immediately caught my attention. I couldn't wait... read more

    Carl Feagans 1/06/2017

       Very, very good! Great service, fun menu, and we loved our lunch! Glad it was suggested �

    Kendra Wangler 1/02/2017

       I came here with a group of PGR after taking down flags and returning approx. 700 flags for Snowball Express.... read more

    Karen S Mccutchan 12/18/2016

       We love stopping in for a burger and malt! The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is fun!!

    Diana Foster Kfoury 12/04/2016

       Very good food. Great prices. And loved seeing all the Kennedy signs � wish we lived closer so we... read more

    David Sandy Masters 11/21/2016

       Thank you to the staff for allowing us to come in at such a late hour and sitting down to... read more

    Bryan D Hay 11/13/2016

       Loved this place! Friendly service and great food.

    Adelina Hernandez 11/02/2016

       The staff was friendly and even kept my 2 year old daughter laughing. The food was delicious and the serving... read more

    Brittany Harris 10/31/2016

       This is the best place. And the staff is amazing. I love the cool unique gifts, and the old time... read more

    Shannon Macias 10/30/2016

       Absolutely great. Loved the burger and fries. Will definitely be back!!!

    Beatriz Rivera 10/29/2016
  •    one of the few cool places we have in irving. i love everything about it. the music, the food, the... read more

    Bobbie Krumm 10/26/2016

       I liked the food and the malt I had, but WOW, was the service sloooooooooooooooow.  45 minutes to get a... read more

    Michael S. 10/16/2016

       I love this place!  5 STARS as one of the best diners in town!  Nostalgia and great food is always... read more

    Brad M. 10/12/2016

       Great food and staff, was a very nice experience!

    Adrian Torres 10/10/2016

       Their Buffalo Burger is the bomb! I love how big it is, you get so much value from buying it,... read more

    Michael Fisher 10/06/2016

       The food there is excellent one of the best burgers in town but the service and friendly staff are what... read more

    Stella Lambert 9/28/2016

       Timeless joint who's integrity has been maintained and enhanced nicely by the Fairless Family! I dig a good joint... read more

    Bob Whoopeecat Stephenson 9/25/2016

       What's not to love about this place?!?! Delicious food! Great service!

    Melissa Rackley 9/22/2016

       I had lunch there with my Son and Daughter In Law and I had a Root Beer Float and a... read more

    Lee Ona Turner 9/21/2016

       Hamburgers were great nice staff very kool looking place.

    Mark Anthony Wright 9/17/2016

       I love love love love big state, so awesome and amazing!!! Love the history

    Brittney Rackley 9/13/2016

       It's a great place to go to.. The food WA as awesome!!

    Reece Reeves 9/12/2016

       Terrific burger and stellar service. I will be back.

    Mike Turiace 9/10/2016

       Food was great and staff was amazingly friendly. Atmosphere was genuinely welcoming. We will definitely go again!

    Beverly Jones-Ulmer 9/10/2016

       This place is an Irving staple. It is also run by a tremendous Irving family. Thank you guys... read more

    Jared West 9/07/2016

       Amazing food, staff and atmosphere! Definitely will be back! �❤️��

    Amanda Alexis Lee 9/07/2016
  •    We waited 4 a bit not 2 long just long enough 2 enjoy our malt shakes halfway than the burgers... read more

    Janie Torres Rivas 9/05/2016

       I just earned 12 DT points for eating at big state fountain grill.

    Charles Wilson 8/24/2016

       Nice place Rick style.
    There was an issue with a open sewer odor.
    I hope this has been fixed.
    It ruins this great... read more

    Bonnie K. 8/21/2016

       Last time I was here was over 40 years ago. I came in today and fell in love. It's so... read more

    Laura Siadek 7/29/2016

       Such an awesome little spot. We took my grandparents and they absolutely loved it. Food is diner quality but it... read more

    Christian B. 7/24/2016

       From having a milkshake to eating a classic burger and fries, what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing in this case!... read more

    Valerie P. 7/19/2016

       This place is one of the best diners in town! Everyone is very welcoming. You'll definitely see familiar faces every... read more

    Mackee P. 7/19/2016

       I went to Big State last night before going to see Zakk Wylde, ~Love the old soda fountain atmosphere ~... read more

    Naomi Jane 7/10/2016

       I tried the Hank Williams Grilled Cheese on Texas Toast. It was very good.

    The Blue Bell Strawberry... read more

    Todd Puckett 7/09/2016

       Amazing patty melt from a super cute and authentic soda fountain in the heart of Irving.  The fries however were... read more

    Erin E. 6/28/2016

       Great place for a pre Guns 4 Roses concert dinner. The Hot Sylvia and the Gorgeous Chelsey add great... read more

    Kim Martin Arrington 6/18/2016

       Possibly the best BLT I've ever had!  The friendly staff, especially Sylvia, makes the food even tastier. Great Car Show... read more

    Chris A. 6/17/2016

       Several colleagues and I visited Big State on a Friday for lunch. Service was fantastic (5-stars) and the food was... read more

    Heth K. 6/12/2016

       I came here after school and let me tell you this place is great! I had a black bean burger... read more

    Leslie L. 6/02/2016

       Great food, great service in Old Downtown Irving. Fried Bologna sandwich was super good and the homemade chips added the... read more

    Monica R. 5/30/2016

       I give them all of Five Stars...nuff said...~(:0)

    Marty Allen Nelson 5/03/2016
  •    I found the food great and the remodel really great looking. I had a the Big State cheeseburger and my... read more

    Nelson L. 4/23/2016

       I don't know if the food is as good as the ladies are pretty, but it's close!! A throwback! You... read more

    John O. 4/23/2016

       I've been going into big state soda fountain for over 60 years. All of this time when ordering a chocolate... read more

    Charles Caffey 4/19/2016

       I've been to a couple of work events where they were catering Big State but never got to try their... read more

    Gabe A. 4/06/2016

       Awesome place and our waitress was cool and down to earth, like most Irving folk my first time there and... read more

    Traci White 3/29/2016

       First visit here was pretty nice. I have lived in Irving all my life and always saw this place. Decided... read more

    Daniel E. 3/25/2016

       I love this place!!!

    I moved to south Irving a year ago from Deep Elm. Going from having countless restaurant... read more

    Derek A. 3/02/2016

       Pretty good lunch spot. I ordered the Big State burger.  They cook a bunch of burgers at once and then... read more

    George D. 2/24/2016

       Much improved!!!
    Yummy cheese fries and burgers!

    Susan Paulette Mantooth-Jewett 2/21/2016

       The decor was adorable and the service was friendly and attentive. The onion rings and fries were virtually perfect. Unfortunately... read more

    Ray G. 2/21/2016

       Just like it should be, Great service and food, enjoyed it very much! Thank You 🙂

    Mark Locke 2/03/2016

       Lover the burgers and beer after 3. Thanks for keeping it apart of Irving history.

    Robert Harrell 1/24/2016

       First visit. I sat at the bar. It was 7pm so not crowded. The tables and counters were all clean... read more

    Brian G. 1/19/2016

       I got the Goose burger and fries, Hubby got the Big American and Onion rings. The burgers were nothing special.... read more

    Cindy M. 1/18/2016

       It is refreshing to find that there are still these kinds of places around. Super friendly staff and great food.... read more

    Guy O. 1/18/2016

       Walking into this place was like walking into my great-grandparent's diner in the 1950's.  The twirling bar stools, the delectable... read more

    Kelly W. 1/10/2016
  •    I've been here once for breakfast and once for lunch. It's nice to be served by people that actually like... read more

    Chris W. 1/10/2016

       Super friendly folks, great food, great atmosphere, and a free jukebox!

    Jason Earl Jordan 12/09/2015

       Big State is more than a diner, it's an experience. Family friendly, great American food, and coldest frosty mug root... read more

    Chris Dillard 11/27/2015

       Absolutely fantastic restaurant! Love that jukebox in the corner, you're able to change what song is playing too! Had the... read more

    Kathy Kwilosz 11/25/2015

       What a sensational, timeless spot! The classic 40's 'feel' is certainly unmistakeable, and the service is on-spot for diner-lore of... read more

    Zac S. 11/15/2015

       First time there.  Sat at the bar.  Atmosphere and service was great.  Food was delicious.  I had the Goose Combo... read more

    John C. 11/11/2015

       great burger one of the best in dfw. nice 50s atmosphere. great place will be going back

    Thomas R. 11/08/2015

       Go here to meet people who are like family, go here to see waitress carrying beautiful, luscious plates of food... read more

    Cathy Chavez McAfee 11/04/2015

       From veggie burgers to meat burger this place has really won my pallets. The shakes are amazing too. A great... read more

    Andre Campbell 10/30/2015

       Awesome spot with a great environment. I can't remember what my burger was called, it was on Texas toast and... read more

    Moni R. 10/28/2015

       Gr8 food. I have eaten both breakfast, lunch and had shakes here. Food is gr8 and very friendly... read more

    Granny San 10/15/2015

       Great Burger & Shakes!
    They make their own chips, and they are very tasty.
    I recommend the Barney Fife Burger (Bison... read more

    Bobb W. 10/05/2015

       Thank you owners of Stroker's for bringing back Big State! Walking into Big State is like walking into a time... read more

    Karen F. 9/29/2015

       Best chicken fried steak ever!!!! Food portions were perfect and prices were way less than you would expect to pay... read more

    Stephen Wilson 9/24/2015

       I eat there often and they have cherry mash.....I love there hamburgers

    Teann Wilson 9/21/2015

       Iconic location within the City of Irving came under new ownership in 2014. The big change was the store was... read more

    Rick Holland 9/20/2015