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  • Rida F. Avatar

    4 star rating First off, the customer service here is exceptional. Everyone is incredibly so sweet and they all wear matching tie dye... read more

    Rida F. 8/16/2019
    Melody T. Avatar

    5 star rating The 5 stars for us lived up to the hype. First time here and it did not disappoint. Plenty of... read more

    Melody T. 8/16/2019
    Kathryn Leonard Avatar

    Did you love the 50's music ,cars, soda fountains? Most would say it was the greatest time to grow up... read more

    Kathryn Leonard 8/06/2019
    De C. Avatar

    5 star rating I usually go into pretty serious detail.  But with this place it's not needed.  Great burgers.  Best handmade chips I've... read more

    De C. 8/06/2019
    Arnold Hernandez Avatar

    I've been to this place several times and the service is always great. The food is excellent, the sandwiches are... read more

    Arnold Hernandez 7/13/2019
    Bill Wilder Avatar

    Great place in downtown Irving. I just had coffee and oatmeal. It was good but I hesitate to give... read more

    Bill Wilder 7/08/2019
    Betty D Avatar

    5 star rating Did you love the 50's music ,cars, soda fountains? Most would say it was the greatest time to grow up... read more

    Betty D 7/04/2019
    Rosa Myers Avatar

    Downtown Irving soda fountain in business since 1948. Large tasty burgers, fries onion rings extra charge, chili, salads, chicken sandwiches,... read more

    Rosa Myers 6/27/2019
    Betty Dortch Avatar

    Great to still have a few of these in Texas! Had French dip sandwich and hot fudge sundae. So good.... read more

    Betty Dortch 6/26/2019
    Mina McWhorter Avatar

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! If you want to go Vacaville to the 50's and have a great burger and a... read more

    Mina McWhorter 6/24/2019
    Angela M. Avatar

    4 star rating Great service and wonderful atmosphere  I enjoy visiting Deidra and Donna. They always make me feel welcomed.

    Angela M. 6/22/2019
    Leslie Beatriz Avatar

    Great food, delicious milk shakes, great customer service. They also sell mimosas, and they have a 50s theme inside, pretty... read more

    Leslie Beatriz 6/19/2019
    Lyn Wilson Avatar

    Great place and excellent food! Although I wished their sundae (that one that is almost like a banana split) would... read more

    Lyn Wilson 6/18/2019
    mommy de-tres Avatar

    Took my son and daughter in law and sat at the bar, drank root beer floats and ate a good... read more

    mommy de-tres 6/13/2019
    Patricia A. Avatar

    4 star rating Great place in the old fashioned soda shop genre. Good burgers, fries, onion rings, steak fingers, etc. Hard not to... read more

    Patricia A. 6/03/2019
    Calvin Short Avatar

    Great place in the old fashioned soda shop genre. Good burgers, fries, onion rings, steak fingers, etc. Hard not to... read more

    Calvin Short 6/01/2019
  • Oates Rodler Avatar

    A group of 12 from our motorcycle group stopped here for dinner and we really enjoyed the atmosphere, food, and... read more

    Oates Rodler 5/28/2019
    Al Corey Avatar

    If you love authentic, old-timey diners then come and find this place in the old downtown area of Irving. Really... read more

    Al Corey 5/26/2019
    gtberg Avatar

    Bless Rick Fairless for rescuing this gem from the wrecking ball. There are very few old school diners anymore, and... read more

    gtberg 5/26/2019
    Abigail Reyes Avatar

    It was delicious and it is so peaceful and calm here and it was my first time here and it... read more

    Abigail Reyes 5/20/2019
    Steve de la Garza Avatar

    Great food, attentive staff, nostalgic atmosphere. Great place to take the family. Unique items in the gift store.

    Steve de la Garza 5/19/2019
    ENCINAS g Avatar

    Not the greatest service, always a long time to get food. Saw the waitresses argue over who was going to... read more

    ENCINAS g 5/15/2019
    ShoeQueen Traci D. Moton Avatar

    positive review  Great, friendly service and delicious food! 💯

    ShoeQueen Traci D. Moton 5/03/2019
    Cindy Brigman Perrett Avatar

    positive review  Best chili cheeseburger and milkshakes you can got. Great music, fun place.

    Cindy Brigman Perrett 4/27/2019
    Becky Fann Avatar

    positive review  Love the people that work there!

    Becky Fann 4/18/2019
    Susan April Van Sorenson Avatar

    positive review  really cool place to go, can't wait to go back, super friendly

    Susan April Van Sorenson 4/05/2019
    Thanh Đan Trần Avatar

    Amazing burgers, service was excellent, no long wait, will be coming again soon and regularly !

    Thanh Đan Trần 4/05/2019
    Amy J. McCoppin Avatar

    positive review  Excellent service! Great atmosphere! Just happened upon this restaurant and left with a huge smile from enjoying the company of... read more

    Amy J. McCoppin 4/03/2019
    Karol Plymale Seeley Avatar

    positive review  Great service. Strawberry shake was awesome.

    Karol Plymale Seeley 3/30/2019
    Glenda Coleman Delling Avatar

    positive review  The burgers are huge! Handmade and delicious! The onion rings are awesome. The staff is friendly and the place... read more

    Glenda Coleman Delling 3/24/2019
    Bill Lundy Avatar

    positive review  What a great step back in time, and oh my the “Goose burger”!!

    Bill Lundy 3/19/2019
    Jeanette Calderon Avatar

    This is a really cool place to eat! Food is great and customer service is excellent! They do close early though!

    Jeanette Calderon 3/18/2019
  • Bill Campbell Avatar

    positive review  It is one of the happiest places in the City of Irving to eat an old time fountain and grill... read more

    Bill Campbell 3/17/2019
    Chris Craft Avatar

    positive review  Love the atmosphere. Great shakes and burgers.

    Chris Craft 3/17/2019
    Bill Shaw Avatar

    This place is great fun a real jewel for the City of Irving.
    Lots of great pictures and things to buy.
    read more

    Bill Shaw 3/17/2019
    Leah Mesecke Avatar

    positive review  If you get a chance, you gotta stop in and grab a burger or some breakfast! Will definitely be back... read more

    Leah Mesecke 3/09/2019
    Andrew Kleiman Avatar

    positive review  Kind of an old time luncheonette and soda fountain. Good service and friendly as well. I will go back.

    Andrew Kleiman 3/08/2019
    Linda Clark Avatar

    positive review  Good root beer and burger!!

    Linda Clark 3/02/2019
    Dewey L. Thiessen Avatar

    positive review  It just reminds you of the diners of yesteryear..

    Dewey L. Thiessen 2/28/2019
    Jamie Sue Maldonado Avatar

    positive review  great food, great atmosphere, a true Irving treasure!!!

    Jamie Sue Maldonado 2/28/2019
    Jaclyn L. Avatar

    5 star rating We only came here for a milkshake, but this place is COOL! You won't find a place like this. It's... read more

    Jaclyn L. 2/23/2019
    Stephen Wilson Avatar

    Best fountain grill in North Texas hands down. Unique interior showing the history of Irving. Amazing wait staff always amazingly... read more

    Stephen Wilson 2/22/2019
    faye witch Avatar

    The people there are so nice it's like a big family. I actually haven't even eaten there yet and I... read more

    faye witch 2/13/2019
    Cathy Cole Gonzales Avatar

    positive review  Food was great!! Lots of old memorabilia of Irving

    Cathy Cole Gonzales 2/08/2019
    denise church Avatar

    I tell you I grew up watching this place grow and grow over the decades. I had the taco salad... read more

    denise church 2/05/2019
    Pam Prewitt Hastings Avatar

    positive review  Great food and great staff and owners

    Pam Prewitt Hastings 2/04/2019
    Patricia Alice Medina Esquivel Avatar

    positive review  Great place totally love the setting. We will be back.

    Patricia Alice Medina Esquivel 2/04/2019
    Vandal Savage Avatar

    Great 50's style juke box joint. Soda shop style restaurant with a nostalgic candy shop with all of your... read more

    Vandal Savage 1/31/2019
  • Jeri Grace Avatar

    positive review  It’s a cool place to eat. A lot of cool things to see.

    Jeri Grace 1/27/2019
    Bill S. Avatar

    4 star rating This is a nice, old fashioned soda fountain shop. There's a restaurant inside too! They have delicious burgers and tots!... read more

    Bill S. 1/26/2019
    Vickie Porras Avatar

    positive review  Great service and the best breakfast!

    Vickie Porras 1/13/2019
    Matt Lewis Avatar

    Want a taste of American history? Eat here... This is the classic American diner experience complete... read more

    Matt Lewis 1/10/2019
    MissEerie Avatar

    A very cozy cafe with very nice servers that make you feel at home. Delicious food!

    MissEerie 1/09/2019
    Brenda A. Vick Avatar

    positive review  Great place for family meal times and just for two

    Brenda A. Vick 1/08/2019
    Caleb C. Avatar

    3 star rating One of my favorite places to eat in Irving was ruined by one bad experience with a manager who talked... read more

    Caleb C. 1/07/2019
    Veronica R. Avatar

    5 star rating First and foremost, amazing customer service. The ambiance of the restaurant is amazing. I literally felt like I was eating... read more

    Veronica R. 1/03/2019
    Melinda Goforth Avatar

    positive review  This place is amazing. This place has an old dinner vibe with the prices the same. Food was very delicious... read more

    Melinda Goforth 12/29/2018
    Billy Goforth Avatar

    positive review  Waitresses where very nice especially Brenda and The Donald was very good

    Billy Goforth 12/29/2018
    Dakota Smart Avatar

    positive review  Best burger place in Irving!

    Dakota Smart 12/23/2018
    Chris Resop Avatar

    Happy Days type diner. Where’s The Fonz? Good food. Don’t ask for a calorie count. Ya won’t wanna know.

    Chris Resop 12/15/2018
    Virginia Vargas Avatar

    I loved this place. The environment is vintage traditional and happy vibes. I want to be honest. The food was... read more

    Virginia Vargas 12/08/2018
    Kathy Morrison Avatar

    positive review  Love this place. Food great. Our server was very friendly. I worked here in the late 60’s and was delighted... read more

    Kathy Morrison 12/08/2018
    Jeff Stilwell Avatar

    Fantastic...I loved the crispy chicken salad. They chopped it and everything. Chocolate malt was the best in ages!!! My wife... read more

    Jeff Stilwell 12/01/2018
    Gabriel Graciano Avatar

    positive review  The service is great, the food out of this world, "The Donald" make everything great again!!!!! I can't wait to... read more

    Gabriel Graciano 11/28/2018
  • Danny Millman Avatar

    positive review  awesome hamburger very tastful

    Danny Millman 11/26/2018
    Paris Johnson Avatar

    positive review  I love the vibe.

    Paris Johnson 11/17/2018
    Marta E Avatar

    3 star rating Was not like this I have been coming here since I used to live in Irving. The hot dog... read more

    Marta E 11/11/2018
    Robert N Avatar

    3 star rating Service and food is average. Seating capacity very limited. Old time fountain with metal shakes containers. Beside food the grill... read more

    Robert N 11/06/2018
    Carol Chaney Avatar

    positive review  Great food! Very friendly staff. Lots to look at such as history of Irving as well as political history.... read more

    Carol Chaney 11/03/2018
    Southernbelle2013 Avatar

    4 star rating Downtown Irving soda fountain in business since 1948. Large tasty burgers, fries onion rings extra charge, chili, salads, chicken sandwiches,... read more

    Southernbelle2013 10/25/2018
    Arnold Gerling Avatar

    Wow :: nice and cozy
    Great breakfast and those grilled biscuits
    Where awesome. Y'all own me now ���

    Arnold Gerling 10/22/2018
    Heidi Harber Avatar

    positive review  Geat place all around......just pricey

    Heidi Harber 10/22/2018
    Cheryl Thomas Avatar

    positive review  great burger, very interesting place.

    Cheryl Thomas 10/20/2018
    Luis Barrera Avatar

    Very detailed diner. I loved how they kept the 50s look. You truly won't find another dinner like this anywhere.

    Luis Barrera 10/19/2018
    Deb Lorance Avatar

    Great place for the whole family. Awesome food and service. You won't be disappointed.

    Deb Lorance 10/17/2018
    Ric Fahle Avatar

    Great food. Service was way longer then it should have been but has always been better in the past. Everyone... read more

    Ric Fahle 10/17/2018
    grant z. Avatar

    Delicious food in a classy, old-school establishment. Plus has a bunch of fun candies, sodas and collectibles. Get the steak... read more

    grant z. 10/16/2018
    Hannah Earley Avatar

    positive review  Just a great place for family fun, and a delicious one at that 😊

    Hannah Earley 10/11/2018
    Cynthia Marino Avatar

    Service was good and prices were a bit high. Perhaps we're paying for the upkeep of the memorabilia(?) Food was... read more

    Cynthia Marino 10/06/2018
    Kelsey Gildner Avatar

    This place is so cute! Good food, really friendly staff. The candles they sell there.. Awessssome 🙂

    Kelsey Gildner 9/24/2018
  • Terrell Lloyd Avatar

    positive review  Good chocolate cake and brownies. ice cream is great too.

    Review written by:
    Terrell Lloyd Sr., CEO -Maddball Party Produktions

    Terrell Lloyd 9/19/2018
    Elliot Adrian Martinez Avatar

    Good food and generous portions, but service can be a bit slow at times.

    Elliot Adrian Martinez 9/14/2018
    Jeremy G. Avatar

    5 star rating I really like this place. Very friendly staff. Food is good and always freshly made. I love the nostalgia of... read more

    Jeremy G. 9/05/2018
    Tisha Guerrero Avatar

    Great atmosphere but they take awhile friendly service and fresh food

    Tisha Guerrero 8/31/2018
    Patricia Aguilar Silvas Avatar

    positive review  time warp atmosphere! everyone is friendly to everyone!

    Patricia Aguilar Silvas 8/28/2018

    Loved it!! Food was DE-LISH!! Service was outstanding and the fact they noticed we were 1st timers & came over... read more

    BRYAN WILSON 8/28/2018
    Mary N. Avatar

    5 star rating It's such a nice friendly place. The food was amazing. We got the burger and philly cheese steak with fries... read more

    Mary N. 8/27/2018
    Willis C. Avatar

    5 star rating I was in the area and hungry for something tasty to eat. As I was driving I seemed to only... read more

    Willis C. 8/26/2018
    Victor Bonilla Avatar

    Very good blu cheese burger, it took a bit our food. But I know everything is made when ordered so... read more

    Victor Bonilla 8/24/2018
    Indira Rico Avatar

    The experience was overall good, not great. The waitress that was tending to our table seemed lost. She kept forgetting... read more

    Indira Rico 8/03/2018
    Lacie Stone Avatar

    Great folks and good food!

    Lacie Stone 7/29/2018
    Joann Clay Avatar

    Food is good. Nice place. Service very slow if u ask for a few minutes to look at the menu.... read more

    Joann Clay 7/26/2018
    Jane Lane Avatar

    Great place! Takes you back to the 50's with all the memoribia. Great service & awesome food menu! Also beer... read more

    Jane Lane 7/23/2018
    J. R. Avatar

    5 star rating We have been wanting to try this place after reading an article about it in a local magazine. We finally... read more

    J. R. 7/21/2018
    Veronica Evetts Avatar

    The food was delicious and the service was great! Sabrina was very friendly and patient with our group. Thank you!

    Veronica Evetts 7/18/2018
    Hilda Alonzo Reyes Avatar

    positive review  Took my 4 and 6 yr old granddaughters here for breakfast. The waitress was awesome And extremely nice. Food was... read more

    Hilda Alonzo Reyes 7/07/2018
  • Bradley Simmons Jr Avatar

    I love the food the servers were awesome. I will be back I gotta have their milkshake. I just heard... read more

    Bradley Simmons Jr 7/06/2018
    Cristoval Dominguez Avatar

    Love this place! Came here for my kids birthday, didn't leave disappointed. Great food and friendly staff. A must if... read more

    Cristoval Dominguez 7/05/2018
    Karen Avatar

    Always welcoming and bright. Their food is delicious and I always leave in a great mood

    Karen 7/03/2018
    Tina Totorica Avatar

    Me and my brother ate here on 6/26! The food and service was Awesome and loved the gift shop!

    Tina Totorica 7/02/2018
    Tamara Smith Avatar

    Awesome! Burger was excellent, onion rings the best I've ever had! Will definitely go again!!

    Tamara Smith 7/02/2018
    Autumn Carriere Avatar

    Loved it

    Autumn Carriere 7/01/2018
    Mae B Avatar

    5 star rating We went after church on a recommendation of someone. Loved the atmosphere and the food was excellent! The milkshakes are awesome.

    Mae B 7/01/2018
    Carita Hamilton Avatar

    Love the people and atmosphere. I don't mind the wait when it's busy because it's relaxed and fun and you... read more

    Carita Hamilton 6/30/2018
    Dale Davis Avatar

    positive review  I have been going to Big State since I was a child. It has become a family tradition to bring... read more

    Dale Davis 6/26/2018
    Laura Phelps Avatar

    Fun place to eat! If u love nostalgia u will want to visit this place! Pretty good food too!... read more

    Laura Phelps 6/23/2018
    Wendy Ray Harper Avatar

    Very good

    Wendy Ray Harper 6/14/2018
    Nancy Cardona Avatar

    Love it 😍 Best sausage gravy biscuits!!! The service was wonderful really friendly!!! Me and my kids will definitely... read more

    Nancy Cardona 6/10/2018
    kwegner1 Avatar

    5 star rating Excellent Shakes and Hamburger Baskets. Lots of other good food also. Nice and fast service every time I go.

    kwegner1 6/09/2018
    Ed Spade Avatar

    Good food. Great service

    Ed Spade 6/03/2018
    Linda Martin Avatar

    Great burgers and fries. Enjoyed all the old pictures. I step back in time every time we eat or visit here.

    Linda Martin 6/03/2018
    Robert Mateo Avatar

    I had pass this location several times today my wife and I decided to try it and bettwen the incredible... read more

    Robert Mateo 5/26/2018
  • Adam P Avatar

    4 star rating Lots of reviews talking about lack of staff. We went around 3pm on a Saturday and there were at least... read more

    Adam P 5/26/2018
    Linda H. Avatar

    5 star rating This is the first time I have gotten delivery from Big State and I was happy the food arrived hot... read more

    Linda H. 5/22/2018
    Megan Rumsey Avatar

    positive review  I have never heard of this place till today.
    I happen to love anything old school and what better way then...
    read more

    Megan Rumsey 5/21/2018
    Vicky Castillo Avatar

    Food was so delicious �... people were very friendly and welcoming

    Vicky Castillo 5/20/2018
    Nko Niko Avatar

    Outstanding place Rick !!! We’ll be here more often and sorry it took so long to come here that’s for sure

    Nko Niko 5/13/2018
    Angela Morales Avatar

    Our family has been going to Big State for years! We love the food, people and the shop goodies we... read more

    Angela Morales 5/05/2018
    Angela Morales Avatar

    Our family has been going to Big State for years! We love the food, people and the shop goodies we... read more

    Angela Morales 5/05/2018
    Laura Rene'e Avatar

    The place is really just as awesome as it evr was. Me & this place go waayyy back. Glad Rick... read more

    Laura Rene'e 5/05/2018
    Laura Rene'e Avatar

    The place is really just as awesome as it evr was. Me & this place go waayyy back. Glad Rick... read more

    Laura Rene'e 5/05/2018
    Oscar Hernandez Avatar

    Used to be my favorite burger place. They changed their buns now.The service can be slow at times. I am... read more

    Oscar Hernandez 5/02/2018
    Mat Durbin Avatar

    Great little diner Rick has now. Great staff and service. Food was plentiful, fresh and hot.

    Mat Durbin 4/26/2018
    bruce harville Avatar

    You are going back in time when you eat here. The days of the 50s have come to downtown Irving.... read more

    bruce harville 4/25/2018
    Pamela S. Avatar

    3 star rating Never want to say anything bad about local Irving places.  Stopped in today for a quick lunch around 2:15. Maybe... read more

    Pamela S. 4/23/2018
    Dustin S. Avatar

    5 star rating Much more than meets the eye.  Took my team here for lunch while in the area, based on a local... read more

    Dustin S. 4/21/2018
    Lucio Luna Avatar

    First time and loved it. Will deff have to go again

    Lucio Luna 4/16/2018
    Melanie S. Avatar

    5 star rating Have eaten here a few times to promote small businesses in the area. Have a good selection of sandwiches and... read more

    Melanie S. 4/15/2018
  • Kyle Taylor Avatar

    What great people who work there.... great job hosting Irving Cares volunteer appreciation dinner....hotdogs and burgers were done perfect.... onion... read more

    Kyle Taylor 4/14/2018
    Karlene Swaynie Avatar

    Great food and great service! So accommodating! Grateful we have Big State Fountain Grill in Irving! Thank... read more

    Karlene Swaynie 4/14/2018
    Jackie Villarreal Avatar

    Great place! Awesome people! Excellent food!! We were very happy!

    Jackie Villarreal 4/10/2018
    katty martinez Avatar

    This is one my favorite places to eat at. It has delicious food🍴🌭🍔🍟🍳. And even has a small store where... read more

    katty martinez 4/07/2018
    Earlene Folmar Avatar

    Such a fun experience. Loved the atmosphere ❤️❤️❤️

    Earlene Folmar 4/05/2018
    Rachel Willis Avatar

    Well that was amazing! Everything was good. The eggs were fresh and perfect, the sausage patties were full of flavor.... read more

    Rachel Willis 3/31/2018
    Rachel Willis Avatar

    Well that was amazing! Everything was good. The eggs were fresh and perfect, the sausage patties were full of flavor.... read more

    Rachel Willis 3/31/2018
    Mitzi T. Avatar

    5 star rating This little quaint restaurant is like stepping back in time. The staff is so friendly & the food was amazing.... read more

    Mitzi T. 3/31/2018
    Louie-n Priscilla Partida Avatar

    I would give it a 5star, but there is always room for improvement somewhere. I truly enjoyed my lunch &... read more

    Louie-n Priscilla Partida 3/28/2018
    Cynthia Whisennand Avatar

    Buffalo burgers, milkshakes, and "Happy Days" soda shop atmosphere. Quick friendly service and 15% military discount.

    Cynthia Whisennand 3/28/2018
    Shawn Holcomb Avatar

    The food was pretty good here and the employees were friendly. The atmosphere is really cool, definitely a retro, dinner... read more

    Shawn Holcomb 3/25/2018
    Pat Halliday Avatar

    Great food and shakes and one hell of a candy shelf... throw back candy.

    Pat Halliday 3/18/2018
    Teri D. Avatar

    4 star rating Awesome food.  Down home place.  Good service.  So why the 4 stars?  If you go here with more than 4... read more

    Teri D. 3/18/2018
    Randy Cravey Avatar

    I understand it was busy, but the service was horrible. My food sat on the ledge for 6- 10 minutes,,,... read more

    Randy Cravey 3/17/2018
    David Holbrook Avatar

    Cheese frys very good....🧀🍟👍🏻 Milk shake worth the trip

    David Holbrook 3/10/2018
    Junky Van Avatar

    Awesome food and service!! Plenty of goodies for the kiddos!!

    Junky Van 3/10/2018
  • Shirley Avatar

    Fun unique cafe to eat and learn a little history about Irving,Tx. Walls are lined with pictures of early day... read more

    Shirley 3/04/2018
    Ruth Carlson Avatar

    Excellent food! I love the Blues Brothers Burger. And the service was awesome too.

    Ruth Carlson 3/03/2018
    Nataly R. Avatar

    5 star rating Don't hesitate to visit this great place! The environment is something out of a movie and has such a homey... read more

    Nataly R. 2/28/2018
    Hannah Earley Avatar

    Service & Quality is 5 stars. I absolutely love coming in here, especially since the workers are so incredible and kind.

    Hannah Earley 2/26/2018
    Brian Shafer Avatar

    The atmosphere is great and the staff is very friendly. They were busy so it took an hour to get... read more

    Brian Shafer 2/26/2018
    Brian Shafer Avatar

    The atmosphere is great and the staff is very friendly. They were busy so it took an hour to get... read more

    Brian Shafer 2/26/2018
    Jc Wright Avatar

    Delicious breakfast food! They say their French toast doesn't need syrup. It does. If you leave this place hungry, you're... read more

    Jc Wright 2/23/2018
    Micah Draper Doerr Avatar

    First timer. Sunday morning breakfast for a loud group of 5, excellent service. TY Deidra & Heather for taking such... read more

    Micah Draper Doerr 2/20/2018
    Micah Draper Doerr Avatar

    First timer. Sunday morning breakfast for a loud group of 5, excellent service. TY Deidra & Heather for taking such... read more

    Micah Draper Doerr 2/20/2018
    Paula Todora Avatar

    Been coming here for years-pretty much all my life, since I grew up in Irving. I love the barstools and... read more

    Paula Todora 2/16/2018
    Glen Stevenson Avatar

    The service was super friendly and he decor is a walk back through time. I’m really glad someone saved this... read more

    Glen Stevenson 2/12/2018
    Denise Jones DelVecchio Avatar

    We met up with family there tonight. Service was GREAT! The food isn’t fancy, just good ol’ diner food I... read more

    Denise Jones DelVecchio 2/06/2018
    Karen Clay Avatar

    I used to work there when it was still the Drug Store, but can't wait to visit

    Karen Clay 2/06/2018
    Minetta S Avatar

    4 star rating Red booths, rock and roll on the juke box and Steve McQueen in Bullet on the TV. It's a cute... read more

    Minetta S 2/06/2018
    Johnetta Crane Avatar

    I love going there for a belongs sandwich & to look at all the great pictures on the wall. So... read more

    Johnetta Crane 2/03/2018
    Amy Willard Avatar

    My grandma, Bette Adams used to work here. One of my favorite childhood places. I love what you guys have... read more

    Amy Willard 2/03/2018